Scientific Calculator Scientific Calculator
Enter into your calculator: 3 + 2 * 5 = You think the answe...(cont'd)
Chores for Treats Chores for Treats
This is a different kind of game, controlled by parents or g...(cont'd)
Death Realtime Counter Death Realtime Counter
This app tells you how people have died around the world eve...(cont'd)
Calendar Calendar
A useful calendar for your eReader device. Skip to any mont...(cont'd)
Love Tester Love Tester
Find out the compatibility percentage between any two people...(cont'd)
Basic Calculator Basic Calculator
A standard calculator for everyday use, includes percentages...(cont'd)
Stories Stories
Ever needed to come up with random bed time stories to tell ...(cont'd)
I Spy Streets - 1-2 players I Spy Streets - 1-2 players
1-2 players. A fun outdoor I-Spy game for everyone to enjoy!...(cont'd)
Lucky Lottery Number Picker Lucky Lottery Number Picker
Feeling lucky at playing a lottery? Finding it hard to pick ...(cont'd)
Multiple Converter Multiple Converter
Convert units of measurements etc, on the fly. Convert diffe...(cont'd)
Road Signs USA Road Signs USA
A fantastic I-Spy style game for use on American roads, or w...(cont'd)
75 Ball Bingo Caller 75 Ball Bingo Caller
A brilliant app for calling out Bingo numbers! If you have t...(cont'd)
90 Ball Bingo Caller 90 Ball Bingo Caller
A useful App for Bingo! organizers, from family games to hal...(cont'd)
Dice Simulator Dice Simulator
Lost your dice? This handy App simulators rolling 1, 2, 3, 4...(cont'd)
Magic 8 Ball Magic 8 Ball
Think of any question you would like to know an answer for. ...(cont'd)
Predicted Signs Predicted Signs
Think of a number between 9 and 100 (excluding 9 and 100!) a...(cont'd)
Psychic Number Psychic Number
Think of a number between 1 and 63. Six cards will be displa...(cont'd)
Sudoku Guru - 1 player Sudoku Guru - 1 player
Solve ANY Sudoku puzzle with this App. If you have a Sudoku ...(cont'd)
Zener Cards Zener Cards
Test yours or anyone's psychic abilities with this Zener Car...(cont'd)
I Know Your Birthday I Know Your Birthday
Use the simple calculator to discover the birth date of anyo...(cont'd)

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