5 Smileys - 1 player 5 Smileys - 1 player
An addictive game to have you smiling! Get 5 smileys in a row, but wit...(cont'd)
Battleships - 1 player Battleships - 1 player
Play Battleships against the CPU! This game is played on two pages, on...(cont'd)
Banker - 1 player Banker - 1 player
Try to beat the banker at his own game! Plays similar to the TV show c...(cont'd)
Suits - 1 player Suits - 1 player
Try to score your highest by removing 3 or more matching icons, that a...(cont'd)
Bugs - 1 player Bugs - 1 player
An extremely addictive game. Try to get 5 bugs in a row, but with ever...(cont'd)
Card Pairs - 1 player Card Pairs - 1 player
A popular game of concentration by remembering and finding identical p...(cont'd)
Car Park - 1 player Car Park - 1 player
An addictive puzzle game, where you must push cars and trucks out of y...(cont'd)
Chess - 1-2 player Chess - 1-2 player
Play 2 player chess or play against the CPU! You can be white or blac...(cont'd)
ChessChamp - 1-2 players ChessChamp - 1-2 players
Play a game of chess against the CPU or a friend, even watch the CPU p...(cont'd)
Crossed Wordz - 1 player Crossed Wordz - 1 player
Same as our Big Crossed Wordz but with 2 smaller crossword style game ...(cont'd)
Crossed Wordz Kids Crossed Wordz Kids
A crossword game for children and teenagers, and adults too if you enj...(cont'd)
Draughts - 1 player Draughts - 1 player
See our CHECKERS game for 2 PLAYERS. Play the popular game of Draughts...(cont'd)
Fruit Fall - 1 player Fruit Fall - 1 player
Try to find 3 or more fruits that are joined to each other and they di...(cont'd)
Fruit Slots - 1 player Fruit Slots - 1 player
Turn your eReader into a portable fruit machine and play the 5 reel sl...(cont'd)
Game of Boxes - 1 player Game of Boxes - 1 player
One of the most popular pen and paper games, Boxes. Take turns to draw...(cont'd)
Get Smashed - Adults Get Smashed - Adults
A fun drinking game consisting of 5 reel slots where the outcome, if w...(cont'd)
Guess the USA Place - 1 player Guess the USA Place - 1 player
Can you guess the location or place in America? You have 10 guesses b...(cont'd)
Hangman - 1 player Hangman - 1 player
The traditional game of Hangman with a database of over 50,000 words! ...(cont'd)
Hangman Free - 1 player Hangman Free - 1 player
Hangman that´s really 4 games in one, because there are easy words, me...(cont'd)
Hangman Scores - 1 player Hangman Scores - 1 player
Play Hangman Scores! See what high score you can get within a set time...(cont'd)
Help the Zoo - 1 player Help the Zoo - 1 player
The Zoo used to contain pairs of animals, until they all escaped! Can ...(cont'd)
Mastermind - 1 player Mastermind - 1 player
Play an excellent version of Mastermind, better than the original! You...(cont'd)
Mastermind Junior - 1 player Mastermind Junior - 1 player
Play an updated version of Mastermind with more options than the origi...(cont'd)
Noah - 1 player Noah - 1 player
Noah needs to get the animals on the Ark, in twos! You´ll need a good ...(cont'd)
Patience - 1 player Patience - 1 player
Play the card game Patience (also known as Solitaire) on your eReader....(cont'd)
Poker - 1 player Poker - 1 player
Enjoy a game of Poker on your eReader. Place your bet first and then b...(cont'd)
Push! 2 - 1 player Push! 2 - 1 player
More puzzles to give you brain ache! Use the forklift truck driver to ...(cont'd)
Push! - 1 player Push! - 1 player
A mind boggling platform game for eReaders! Push is based on the Pacma...(cont'd)
Reversi - 1-2 players Reversi - 1-2 players
Play 2 player Reversi or play against the CPU! Choose to be black or w...(cont'd)
Roulette - 1 player Roulette - 1 player
Play a fully featured game of Roulette on your eReader, with the abili...(cont'd)
Search Wordz - 1 player Search Wordz - 1 player
A fun word search game where you try to make a word from the grid and ...(cont'd)
Slot Shots - Adults Slot Shots - Adults
A fun drinking game, primarily for shots. Spin the wheels and for ever...(cont'd)
Solitaire - 1 player Solitaire - 1 player
Play Solitaire (this differs slightly to Patience) on your eReader. Tr...(cont'd)
Strip Poker - Adults Strip Poker - Adults
For couples or wild party nights, this is strip poker for eReaders! P...(cont'd)
Stud Poker - 1 player Stud Poker - 1 player
Probably one of the most popular card games around, Poker! Play and be...(cont'd)
Sudoku - 1 player Sudoku - 1 player
Everyone loves Sudoku. This game generates unlimited Sudoku games, so ...(cont'd)
Sudoku Junior - 1 player Sudoku Junior - 1 player
Play the wonderful game of Sudoku. This version has the CPU assist you...(cont'd)
Sudoku Master - 1 player Sudoku Master - 1 player
Sudoku Master has 3 levels of play, Easy, Medium and Hard. Either inpu...(cont'd)
Sudoku Smiley - 1 player Sudoku Smiley - 1 player
Play Sudoku without numbers, and instead 9 different Smileys! This ma...(cont'd)
Take Me Out - 1 player Take Me Out - 1 player
Click on groups of 3 colors or more that are adjoining, and they disap...(cont'd)
Tetris - 1 player Tetris - 1 player
The one of the most popular games on around, Tetris, and on your eRead...(cont'd)
Tetrist - 1 player Tetrist - 1 player
Tetrist with a twist! As the block begins to fall, you can move it to ...(cont'd)
Ticks n Crosses - 1-2 players Ticks n Crosses - 1-2 players
This game is very addictive. Play with a friend or against the CPU. Tr...(cont'd)
Tic-Tac-Toe - 1 player Tic-Tac-Toe - 1 player
Play this addictive game of Tic Tac Toe, also called Noughts and Cross...(cont'd)
Titris - 1 player Titris - 1 player
Play Tetris with or without a timer, that you can set the amount of mi...(cont'd)
Truth or Dare - Adults Truth or Dare - Adults
Everyone's heard of Truth or Dare, well this is the unique eReader ver...(cont'd)
Twins - 1 player Twins - 1 player
Twins is a Pairs game, where you need to turn over the cards, two at a...(cont'd)
Wordcross - 1 player Wordcross - 1 player
A unique word game with two sizes of play, rather like Scrabble, but y...(cont'd)
Wordcross Kids - 1 player Wordcross Kids - 1 player
A word game for kids (and adults!) where you make words from a range o...(cont'd)
Wordfinder - 1 player Wordfinder - 1 player
A simple word game with a 10x10 grid of letters. You are given a word ...(cont'd)
Word Search - 1 player Word Search - 1 player
A huge grid of letters and it´s your task to find a word and submit th...(cont'd)
Word Search Kids - 1 player Word Search Kids - 1 player
Thirty-six letters in a grid that's 6x6, and the task is to find a wor...(cont'd)
Yahtzee! - 1 player Yahtzee! - 1 player
Play the popular game of Yahtzee! where you want to beat your highest ...(cont'd)
Yahtzee! Double - 1 player Yahtzee! Double - 1 player
Play the great game of Yahtzee! with a twist! You roll ten dice, and ...(cont'd)
1st Sudoku Pro - 1 player 1st Sudoku Pro - 1 player
Probably the best Sudoku game around. For beginners to advanced users....(cont'd)
3 in a Row - 1 player 3 in a Row - 1 player
A very addictive game, where an item falls from the top of the screen ...(cont'd)
4 Letter Words - 1 player 4 Letter Words - 1 player
See if you can find 4 letter words within the grid. There are 3 differ...(cont'd)
Ace - 1 player Ace - 1 player
Remove cards from the layout by adding their face values together in p...(cont'd)
Checkers - 1-2 players Checkers - 1-2 players
Play checkers on your eReader. In this game you must jump an opponent ...(cont'd)
Connect 5 in Space - 1-2 players Connect 5 in Space - 1-2 players
Play a quick game of Connect 5 in Space against the CPU or another per...(cont'd)
Fleas - 1 player Fleas - 1 player
Watch the creepy fleas move around your eReader as you attempt to get ...(cont'd)
Math Bee - 1 player Math Bee - 1 player
So you think you are a whizz at mathematics? Then try a 10 minute test...(cont'd)
Maths Mad - 1 player Maths Mad - 1 player
Test yourself with Maths Mad and see if you are a maths prodigy! Start...(cont'd)
Mega Pegs Solitaire - 1 player Mega Pegs Solitaire - 1 player
Play 5 different games of peg solitaire on your eReader. See if you ca...(cont'd)
Othello - 1-2 players Othello - 1-2 players
Play Othello against another person or compete against the CPU. Take t...(cont'd)
Double the Patience - 1 player Double the Patience - 1 player
You have 3 piles of cards, get rid of them to win! Place them on the o...(cont'd)
Simple Simon / Simon Says - 1 player Simple Simon / Simon Says - 1 player
The game lights up random rectangles and you need to press them in the...(cont'd)
Word - 1 player Word - 1 player
Can you guess the word before you fail? Play this hangman-style word g...(cont'd)
Yahtzee! - 2 players Yahtzee! - 2 players
Play 1 or 2 player yahtzee against another person. You have up to 3 th...(cont'd)
Zero to Hero - 1 player Zero to Hero - 1 player
If you can turn all the numbers 1, 2 and 3 into zeros you will be the ...(cont'd)
Alien Invasion - 1 player Alien Invasion - 1 player
The earth is being attacked by space invaders. You are the hero out to...(cont'd)
666sudoku - 1 player 666sudoku - 1 player
Play a smaller version of the typical 9x9 grid of 81 cells. This Sudo...(cont'd)
Ball Blaster - 1 player Ball Blaster - 1 player
An addictive game where you score points for removing as many sports b...(cont'd)
Balls - 1 player Balls - 1 player
Remove groups of balls, the bigger the groups, the bigger your score. ...(cont'd)
Balls Up - 1 player Balls Up - 1 player
A game requiring skill, a bat, a ball and bricks. Keep the ball in the...(cont'd)
Battle Blocks - 1-2 player Battle Blocks - 1-2 player
A 2 player game requiring luck and skill. Try to find your opponent's ...(cont'd)
Beaver Run - 1 player Beaver Run - 1 player
Guide the beaver through countless levels in this dam puzzle game. Mov...(cont'd)
Bingo Junior - 1 player Bingo Junior - 1 player
A fun 1-2 player bingo game of 100 numbers. Draw numbers and they are ...(cont'd)
British Bingo! - 1 player British Bingo! - 1 player
Have you played British Bingo? The balls are 1-90 and the cards are la...(cont'd)
Car Race - 1 player Car Race - 1 player
*** MAY NOT WORK ON SOME DEVICES *** This is a car race where you plac...(cont'd)
Connected 4 - 1 player Connected 4 - 1 player
A fun game where you play against the CPU to be the first to get 4 dis...(cont'd)
Double the Patience 2 - 1-2 players Double the Patience 2 - 1-2 players
A 1 or 2 player card game, which we play so often here. We love it! Th...(cont'd)
Fruit Shoot - 1 player Fruit Shoot - 1 player
We love this game! Shoot fruit to the top of the screen and try to get...(cont'd)
Gob Stoppers - 1 player Gob Stoppers - 1 player
Press Start to begin. Clear the screen of gobstoppers by selecting the...(cont'd)
Gone - 1 player Gone - 1 player
In this game you play a burglar and you are taking things that are usu...(cont'd)
Mahjong - 1 player Mahjong - 1 player
Play the ancient Eastern game of Mahjong on your device. Remove 2 iden...(cont'd)
MasterWORD - 1 player MasterWORD - 1 player
Enter any 4 letters or a 4 letter word and try to guess secret random ...(cont'd)
Meteor Shower - 1 player Meteor Shower - 1 player
Two games in one! Game 1: Avoid the meteors as they hit the ground. Ga...(cont'd)
Puzzzle - 1 player Puzzzle - 1 player
An addictive puzzle where each one is different. Move numbers around i...(cont'd)
Spider Solitaire - 1 player Spider Solitaire - 1 player
*** MAY NOT WORK ON SOME DEVICES *** Another version of solitaire, try...(cont'd)
Space Invaders - 1 player Space Invaders - 1 player
Shoot the aliens before they land! You can move left and right, the do...(cont'd)
Speed - 1 player Speed - 1 player
*** MAY NOT WORK ON SOME DEVICES *** A simple but fun driving game whe...(cont'd)
Squared - 2 players Squared - 2 players
A 2 player game of boxes, originally a very popular pen and paper game...(cont'd)
Sudoku All-Stars - 1 player Sudoku All-Stars - 1 player
This version of Sudoku only lets you input CORRECT numbers, and you ha...(cont'd)
The Towers of  Hanoi - 1 player The Towers of Hanoi - 1 player
A very puzzling puzzle game! Move the tower of Hanoi to either the lef...(cont'd)
Treasure Hunt - 1 player Treasure Hunt - 1 player
Discover the hidden gold by clicking boxes to dig for gold. Find all t...(cont'd)
Truth or Dare The Game - 2+ players Truth or Dare The Game - 2+ players
Are you and your friends brave enough to play Truth or Dare? Take turn...(cont'd)
Video Poker - 1 player Video Poker - 1 player
Play a fun game of Video Poker. First place your bet, $1-$5. Deal the ...(cont'd)
Alquerque - 1-2 players Alquerque - 1-2 players
A 1 or 2 player board game where you hop over the opponent, similar to...(cont'd)
Crazy Lottery - 1 player Crazy Lottery - 1 player
Play an imaginary Lottery game. This game consists of you choosing an...(cont'd)
Crossword Maker - 1 player Crossword Maker - 1 player
If you love crosswords, you'll love playing this game. You have a list...(cont'd)
Crossword Maker Junior - 1 player Crossword Maker Junior - 1 player
Similar to a crossword puzzle, but you have a list of the words that y...(cont'd)
Farmer Giles - 1 player Farmer Giles - 1 player
Help Farmer Giles in this brain-taxing platform puzzle game. Shift all...(cont'd)
Four Aces - 1 player Four Aces - 1 player
In this card game you keep turning over cards and selecting specific c...(cont'd)
Frog - 1 player Frog - 1 player
This frog loves to hop around lillypads, because as he jumps off one, ...(cont'd)
Jack Queen King - 1 player Jack Queen King - 1 player
Using a full deck of cards you have to remove two cards at a time that...(cont'd)
Knockball - 1 player Knockball - 1 player
This game, like the others, has been written to work on eReaders, thus...(cont'd)
Lost - 1 player Lost - 1 player
Select one of three sized dungeon mazes (there are millions of differe...(cont'd)
Mahjong Master - 1 player Mahjong Master - 1 player
Play the ancient game of Mahjong, but play with playing cards. Match ...(cont'd)
Marbles - 1 player Marbles - 1 player
Play a traditional game of Marbles, also called Solitaire. Hope over m...(cont'd)
Rabbit - 1 player Rabbit - 1 player
Guide the rabbit so he can jump from one platform to another, until he...(cont'd)
Robot Fighters - 1 player Robot Fighters - 1 player
It's a battle between two robots. Both robots move around the arena, ...(cont'd)
Scoff the Lot! - 1 player Scoff the Lot! - 1 player
What a greedy pig... this pig loves scoffing burgers, and he hates hea...(cont'd)
Single Column - 1 player Single Column - 1 player
Played similar to Mahjong, you select two cards of the same suit, or m...(cont'd)
Swap - 1 player Swap - 1 player
An addictive game where you swap two fruits that are side-by-side if i...(cont'd)
Three of a Kind - 1 player Three of a Kind - 1 player
Everyone knows how to play pairs, find two matching images and continu...(cont'd)
Trapped - 2 players Trapped - 2 players
You and the CPU are stars, and these stars move one space at a time, b...(cont'd)
Turn on the Lights - 1 player Turn on the Lights - 1 player
It's got quite dark in here, so please can you turn every light on? W...(cont'd)
Backgammon - 1-2 player Backgammon - 1-2 player
Play backgammon against the CPU or another person. Throw the two dice ...(cont'd)
Bird is the Word - 1 player Bird is the Word - 1 player
Bird is the Word is a fun word game where you need to guess the words ...(cont'd)
Car Crash - 1-2 players Car Crash - 1-2 players
One or two players drive around the arena trying to avoid being hit by...(cont'd)
Cats and Mouse - 1 player Cats and Mouse - 1 player
In this game you are a hungry mouse, find your way around the room eat...(cont'd)
Graveyard Dash - 1-2 players Graveyard Dash - 1-2 players
Race across a spooky graveyard in this 1 or 2 player game. Try to prev...(cont'd)
Jigsaw Puzzle Finder - 1 player Jigsaw Puzzle Finder - 1 player
Have you ever lost pieces of a jigsaw? In this game you have, select ...(cont'd)
Keymaster - 1 player Keymaster - 1 player
The haunted mansion is full of ghosts - and you you need to remove the...(cont'd)
Keymaster II - 1 player Keymaster II - 1 player
Help the Exorcist remove the devils from each location - find the corr...(cont'd)
Pretty Rank - 1 player Pretty Rank - 1 player
A card sorting solitaire game where you need to arrange 15 piles of 4 ...(cont'd)
Pyramids of Hanoi - 1 player Pyramids of Hanoi - 1 player
Transfer the Pyramid of Hanoi to a nearby location. You can only move...(cont'd)
Route Master - 1 player Route Master - 1 player
*** MAY NOT WORK ON SOME DEVICES *** Solve the puzzle by fixing the ro...(cont'd)
Table Maths - 1 player Table Maths - 1 player
See how many mathematical sums you can get right in two minutes! You'l...(cont'd)
Virus - 1 player Virus - 1 player
Destroy the invading viruses by selecting any that are not alone. With...(cont'd)

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